I’m so excited to welcome you to Beau and Arrow. It’s as much a privilege to share our story as it is my lettering and painting. Thank you for reading!

My name is Lauren. I'm the wife of Matt and Mama to three littles (Ruby, Quinn, & Beau). In previous seasons of life, I was also a graphic designer and professional photographer.

My love for calligraphy and watercolor naturally evolved from a journey that started with a weary, burnt-out mama. With two young children and a baby on the way, I found myself struggling to connect with my faith in the midst of chaos and exhaustion. One day, I saw these beautiful hand-lettered drawings of Bible verses in the wide margins of a Journaling Bible. This felt fun, approachable and a meaningful way to connect with God and be creative at the same time. I ordered my own Journaling Bible and Micron pens and began lettering. I'd find myself spending hours pouring over the Bible discovering verses that were perfect for whatever circumstances I was in. I was amazed at the loving words and poetic writing. I found a deeper relationship with God and connected with the beauty of His written word by the intricate beauty of calligraphy ... I fell in love with reading the Bible for the first time in thirty years. 

I began sharing my passion and lettering of scripture with close friends and family to encourage them. One of my friends asked if I would hand-letter lyrics to two of her favorite hymns to frame and hang in her home. It seemed like a great opportunity to share this gift with a friend. After eight hours of writing, I decided to make a few copies and offer to others. Amazingly, the orders exceeded anything I could have dreamed of within a matter of days. My eyes were opened to a collective excitement and hunger for God's truth to fill our homes and speak love into our weary souls. I am so thankful calligraphy has opened the door to bring His love into the homes of so many of you.

Our name, Beau and Arrow, is inspired by our son, Beau, and Kahil Gibran’s poem “On Children”. I am encouraged by the beautiful imagery Gibran uses of the archer (God), the bow (parents) and the arrows (children). A quote that often rolls from my lips is "How blessed I am to be your mother, to be the bow from which you as living arrows will fly." Beau and Arrow represents that our children are living arrows, walking around our homes. Even the art we display will leave a lasting impression on their little hearts. It is such an honor for Beau and Arrow to adorn your walls.

Growing up, music surrounded my family and hymns were known by heart. Each one of these songs, poems, quotes and scriptures has a story behind it. My hope is that these hand-written pieces might bring back warm memories of your own childhood or spark new ones for generations to come in the home you choose to make.

I would love to hear from you, see your artwork displayed (tag @beauandarrowhome on instagram!) and as always, I welcome any suggestions. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts & follow Beau and Arrow on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest lettering!